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In competitive sailing, a vessels’ skipper must consider a number of variables to determine the ‘Layline’ or the optimum course the boat must take that balances speed and distance sailed. Calling the windward mark accurately, while having to consider ever changing inputs posed by wind speed and direction and water currents, is critical to minimizing the time to efficiently complete the course and ultimately to win the race. Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t always cooperate often requiring the skipper to take corrective actions in order to reach the mark.

Not unlike sailors, energy pros are often required to make decisions to change course in real-time as variables they face change and have to be accounted for. Suffice it to say, energy pro’s and sailors at all levels, learn to rely on the combination of experience and ready access to critical data inputs in order to make the right judgement calls to save time and energy.

Enter Layline Associates

Without question, ‘Optimizing’ operating efficiencies of Utilities is dependent upon many variables and having ready-access to data inputs is of utmost importance. Layline Associates recognizes that leveraging mobile technology to maximize workforce productivity is certainly a critical component to the equation.

Advancing the TruePower of Mobile Technologies

The vision of Layline Associates is simple – We want to ensure that Utilities fully leverage the investments that they are making in mWE systems and operations. Regardless of what stage your organization is at – we are here to apply our collective industry expertise to help support and advance your mWE Practice.

Meet Our Team

The Layline Advantage

Onboard a team with Expertise to:

  • Assess your current ‘State of mWE’
  • Set a vision or pathway for best mWE practice going forward
  • Establish a ‘Project Management mWE BluePrint’ including
    • Budget
    • Timelines
    • Operational Talent
  • Lead or support your mWE Practice
  • Optimize your current mWE investment
  • Resolve issues with your current implementation
  • Provide training and tutorial material for your team
  • Show you the “Art of the Possible” in mWE

Our Team Approach

Founder/Skipper – Jeff Hebert

President and CEO

Jeff founded Layline Associates in 2019 to provide premier consulting services focused on helping Utilities leverage the true power of their mobile Work Execution investments. Jeff’s leadership with mobile technologies has been noteworthy as he has been instrumental while working with industry leaders from Utilities and the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in designing and implementing the first mobile Work Execution solutions in the nuclear industry. A recognized innovator, Jeff and his colleagues award-winning solutions were eventually rolled out to the majority of nuclear sites and over 70 non-nuclear sites across North America.

Jeff’s work experience and notable reputation in the Utility space is built upon 20 years of utility experience including time in nuclear generation, transmission and distribution, power planning and supply, and the deregulated market, as well as another 20 years of experience in providing enterprise level software applications to many of the world’s largest utilities. As a Utility industry software executive and consultant, Jeff has traveled extensively, serving both domestic and global customers, which has enabled him to draw experience from a broad cross-section of industry challenges and solutions.

As an avid sailor and outdoor sports enthusiast, Jeff recognizes that when sailing on the water, there are always forces working for and against you while aiming for your desired destination. A skipper is constantly trimming sails and adjusting the course to get the best performance out of the boat. Skippers of mobile Work execution strategies need to have the same mindset as strategy and execution must be constantly reviewed and adjusted to the changing environment to get the most value for a company’s investments in mobile technology.

Jeff hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a Master in Business Administration from Boston University

  • Experience
  • Roll as Skipper

Dale Shaw


Dale has 34+ years of experience in Commercial Nuclear Power Operations. His experience extends from Maintenance and Work Management functional areas through Corporate Oversight and Project Management. Dale has been an industry leader by establishing several industry protocols and standards through his work with INPO and EPRI. Some notable achievements are receiving the 2015 EPRI Technology Transfer Award for sharing the process for developing and deploying an Electronic Work Package (EWP) work process to Exelon’s Nuclear fleet. This work with EPRI resulted in the publication of an EPRI Technical Document outlining how to deploy an EWP solution for all EPRI users. Dale has also developed DNP (Delivering the Nuclear Promise) return on investment calculations and is the SME for several INPO DNP Industry Standards within the Maintenance functional area. Dale has also held Chairman positions within EPRI user groups that have further positively impacted the industry.

Dales last 11 years have been working at Exelon Corporate performing oversight and governance at 14 Exelon Nuclear Sites across 5 states. Dales most recent achievements are the deployment and ongoing oversight of an EWP work management process across Exelon Nuclear. The journey of EWP at Exelon began in 2013 then concluded in 2019. Dale was the Business Project Manager for the first Nuclear industry deployment of EWP to 14 Sites with both Passport and Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Systems.

Dale’s oversight of EWP at Exelon resulted projects being completed with zero safety events, on schedule and under budget. His work also won Exelon several prestigious industry awards including an INPO best Practice in innovation, EPRI Technology Transfer Aware, 2 NEI TIP Awards including the Best of the Best in 2016. Dale’s vast experience with deploying and managing an EWP solution and Governance and Oversight of Maintenance Programs in the largest Nuclear Fleet in the US can take your company anywhere you want to go with innovation in work execution, work management and DNP.

Dale holds Associates of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Delaware Technical College. Hobbies include drums, boating, scuba diving, underwater photography, cooking and world travel.

Debra Master

Senior Consultant

Deb brings nearly 40 years of nuclear power experience to the Layline Associates team. She has expertise in engineering systems, system testing, process improvement, nuclear project management, and most recently she was the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for Seabrook Station’s electronic Work Package (eWP) solution. Deb brings abundant practical experience to every project, having served as a , an Appendix J Program Owner, Check Valve Engineer, In-Service Inspection Engineer, Relief Valve Engineer, Test Engineer, System Engineer and Work Management Process Owner during her career.

Deb hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering from Lowell Technology Institute and Professional Affiliations with the Nuclear Industry Check Vale Group and the In-Service Test Owners Group.