Leveraging the True Power of mobile Work Execution (mWE)

Mobile devices are driving seismic changes in our personal lives and in many cases disrupting entire business verticals and industries. Devices & applications have roared ahead thanks to the power of logical ‘User Interfaces’ that apply common intuitive user protocols. It’s time Utilities take proactive steps to leverage this mobility revolution which will surely play a critical role in driving next-gen efficiencies across the industry.

Layline Associates – mWE · Knowledge · Vision · Expertise

Let’s face it, every Nuclear Utility, or for that matter, every Power Utility is in some stage of planning, executing or revising some element of their mWE support system. Advancing and optimizing a Utilities use of mobile technologies is critical to the efficient performance of field service operations. Layline Associates offering is straight forward – we are here to partner with Utilities to fully leverage the true power of Mobile Technologies being deployed now or in the future.

FACT: Utilities struggle w/ mWE

  • There are very few people with the knowledge, vision & expertise to guide a Utilities’ mWE strategy
  • Even the early adopters are struggling with the next phase of their mWE evolution
  • Most Utilities struggle to keep pace with the constant changes taking place in mobile technologies
  • Integrating existing operating systems with newer software platforms is beset with challenges and limitations
  • Utilities have often held on to outdated ‘rugged hardware’ platforms that have limited functionality
  • mWE impacts multiple organizations in a Utility so change is difficult
  • Most Utilities do not have individuals with long term responsibility for the development, execution, management of mWE
    strategy and execution